About AlTo’s Eco-Service Tours

Tompotikan visitor next to a giant tree

People-to-People Conservation

Do you like to travel the world and get off the beaten path? Enjoy working with kids, art, and nature?
Each year in July or August, AlTo leads a small group of travelers on a 15-day tour to visit Tompotika and assist with conservation projects there. You can go along on our tours, take part in activities that help to conserve this natural wonderland, and MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

You rub shoulders with Tompotikans, do fun work, and then everybody plays. Snorkel among the world’s richest coral gardens, see endangered wildlife close-up, and hike in tropical rainforests. The trip begins and ends in North Sulawesi, where we explore nature from our bases in gracious beach and garden resorts—the perfect bookends to our time in the wilder, more rustic Tompotika area.
Recent tours:

  • helped out with the first-ever scientific survey of the butterflies of the Tompotika area
  • aimed to rid the environment of harmful trash
  • painted large murals celebrating nature conservation in two towns
with help of a new friend, visitor plays Indonesian stringed instrument

Eco-service traveler George gets a pointer from AlTo Board member Dr. John Tasirin (© Michael Heiner/AlTo)


Leadership and Cost

Trips are led by AlTo Director Marcy Summers, who has lived in Indonesia, speaks Indonesian, and has led seven (and counting) previous eco-service tours to Tompotika. Limit: 8 people. Typically the tour price has been around $3000 per person (US), plus international airfare, (usually $1200-$2000 from North America). Price includes all in-country travel, meals, and accommodation.

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