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Welcome to the Alliance for Tompotika Conservation

AlTo: Nature and People in the World’s Biodiversity Capital

Indonesia is the world’s biodiversity capital, with more plant and animal species in its terrestrial, freshwater, and marine environments than any other country in the world. Indonesia also has more endangered species than almost any other country in the world, many of them endangered by human agency.

The Alliance for Tompotika Conservation / Aliansi Konservasi Tompotika, called “Al-To” for short, is an international partnership dedicated to helping heal the relationship between people and the rest of nature, starting in one very special place: the Tompotika Peninsula on Indonesia’s island of Sulawesi.

Side by side with local people, AlTo works to conserve endangered species and natural areas. At the same time, AlTo supports the dignity, self-sufficiency, and sustainability of the human communities in the area.

Field Programs: Taking Concrete Action

AlTo’s field programs work hands-on to protect Tompotika’s most threatened and unique wildlife in terrestrial and marine habitats. For example:

Outreach Programs: Changing Minds and Hearts

Long-term conservation success depends on a human community that understands and treasures its natural heritage. AlTo’s outreach programs include:

We Are in This Together

AlTo is a partnership of a registered Yayasan non-governmental organization in Indonesia and a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization in the United States, with boards in both countries.

We work directly with local communities, because we believe that meaningful change in our relationship with nature begins with real people, on the ground, where people wake up to birdsong, get soil under their fingernails, and splash in rivers and seas.

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At the same time, AlTo brings together folks from all different walks to seek the solutions, for just as the whole world contributes to our current degradation of the Earth, so the whole world must join together to heal it.

The future for humanity, we believe, is inextricably linked to the health of the plants, animals, and natural systems of which we are a part.