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Festival 2020

Maleo and Sea Turtle Festival, February 2020

Photos by Acca and Cliff Rice
Tarsiers in roost tree

Tarsier Survey Trip, January-February 2016

Photos by Sheila Eckman, Kerry Nicholson, Tom Paragi and Jim Rettig
Lantern parade ends festival

Maleo and Sea Turtle Festival, March 2015

Photos by Keith Brofsky, Noval Suling and Nick Fury
painting a hornbill at Taima

Trip to Paint Murals, November 2012

Photos by Mark Kinney, Leslie Brown, Pandji Kresno, Noval Suling, Agustian Laya, Rayna Holtz, Nancy Kinney, and Sandra Noel
New trash collection barrels from recycled tires

Trash Trip, July - August 2010

Photos by Jeannette Barreca, Trish Mace, Bill Yake and AlTo staff.