Jackoustic! Music for Conservation

Dr. Jack Barbash, AlTo Board Member and dedicated conservationist, often played and sang with folk during AlTo programs in Indonesia. When he died in 2015, we began an annual musical event, Music for Conservation, with a contest to write the best song about conservation, as part of the annual Festival. To remember Jack’s legacy, we called it Jackoustic! Songwriters perform their winning compositions in Jackoustic!’s first year, 2016. (7 min)


This video focuses on AlTo’s Maleo and Sea Turtle Festival, which promotes conservation through drama and high-spirited community celebrations. (11 min)

Alliance for Tompotika Conservation (short)

What is AlTo? This video provides an introduction to who we are and the conservation work we do in Tompotika, Indonesia. (10 min)

Alliance for Tompotika Conservation (long)

This video is a great way to get to know AlTo, with more about our programs and the Tompotikan partners we work with. (18 min)


This feature about AlTo aired in Indonesia.