Children's Library Book Project

children of Tanah Merah, gift card for sponsoring a book

As an integral part of its mission, AlTo tries to benefit the communities that collaborate with us to conserve wildlife and habitat in Tompotika. The town of Tanah Merah has worked hard since 2006 to reduce illegal logging in the tropical forests on nearby Mount Tompotika.

A teacher and leader of the community told us that their children learn how to read, but there are no children’s books at school or in their homes. Furnishing a school library would be a great way to help the town. With some help from you, we can do that!

There is little children’s literature in Indonesian, so we have a plan to choose some of the best children’s literature in English, translate it ourselves, and using a lift-the-flap approach, insert the Indonesian text, preserving the illustrations.

The book selections, aimed at grades K-6, emphasize people and nature in relationship, and so strengthen the community’s conservation consciousness.

Who on your holiday gift list would like to see a better world for wild creatures and children? Sponsor a book for Tanah Merah in their name!  The Tompotika Children’s Library Book Project flier tells you all you need to know to participate.