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Hard-to-see tarsier will be object of survey

Volunteer with Tompotika’s First Scientific Tarsier Survey: 25 January – 10 February, 2016

In a place as remote as Tompotika, part of our job in protecting wild nature is figuring out what’s there in the first place. The tarsier is a case in point: no one has ever studied them to know exactly what species Tompotikan tarsiers are.

It could possibly even be a brand-new species hitherto unknown to science! It’s time to find out.

From 25 Jan – 10 Feb 2016, a small intrepid group will travel to Tompotika to do just that, and you can join them. This 17-day expedition is led by renowned tarsier expert Dr. Myron Shekelle.

To assist with this survey, you don’t need any special scientific skills. What you do need is a spirit of adventure and flexibility, a fondness for hanging out in the woods, and a desire to contribute to scientific knowledge and conservation.

For more information, contact Sheila Eckman at
Dates: 25 Jan – 10 Feb 2016 (17 days)
Cost: $3200, not including international airfare ($100 discount for those registering prior to Oct 1, 2015.) Price includes all in-country travel, food, accommodation, and survey equipment.

Details and Registration

Tarsier Survey Flyer

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