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Latest Newsletter: April 2018

dramatic scene with babirusa Building Conservation Professionals: NGO staff gather to create a “Culture of Care”; Festival 2018:
Drama and music delight and inspire Tompotika villagers; Faye Wilkinson: still making a difference; Jackoustick: Contest sparks new original music for conservation by Tompotika artists; The Faces of AlTo: The Cooking Ladies of Tanah Merah; and more


May Update: Waging Peace for a Third Thing

February Update: True Wealth


September Update: Upang and the Maleo Worms

February Update: Experience Conversion


May Update: Recovery Happens

March Update: Beyond Elections

January Update: Sharing Stuff


October Update: Dawn Chorus, Sulawesi Style

September Update: Spitting on Forest Fires

May Update: Happy Endangered Species Day!

February Update: Preparing for Wonderful Things


December Update: What Maleos Teach Us About Parenting, Trust, and the World We Live In

October Update: In Praise of Steepness

August Update: Art Has Changed Things

May Update: Listening Hard

April Update: Tompotika Youth Find Their Power in Conservation


August Update: The Bat Man of Batu Bassi

April Update: Small Is Beautiful

January Update: Conservation = Reclaiming Our Identity


December Update: Thanks for the gifts you have already given

September Update: This is the frontier

August Update: In praise of guano

May Update: Have fun and leave a lasting legacy

April Update: GiveBIG like the maleo

January Update: Elegy and celebration

Brown cuckoo dove

Brown Cuckoo Dove (© Riza Marlon/AlTo)


December Update: All creatures great and small

September Update: Mt. Tompotika: the view from the top

June Update: Ideas for building the future

January Update: The Ghost of Tompotika

An Olive Ridley hatchling heads to the sea

An Olive Ridley hatchling heads to the sea (© Noval Suling/AlTo)


December Update: 2010 Conservation Award from, and the giving tree

September Update: What about big blood-thirsty man-eaters?

August Update: Making conservation cool

May Update: Happy World Turtle Day

April Update: Salutary stories from Tompotika

March Update: Portrait of a predator, converted

January Update: This is for you

Blue and yellow grasshoppers, Sulawesi

© Robin Moore/AlTo


December Update: What happens when the world opens

August Update: Dancing with butterflies


caught in the headlamp, a tiny frog on the photographer's hand

© Sandesh Kadur/AlTo