• Working in a tropical forest environment

Our Work

What is “on the menu” in this section?

Field Programs: Taking concrete steps to protect Tompotika’s most threatened and unique wildlife in terrestrial and marine habitats

Maleo: Reversing the decline of the endangered maleo bird

Sea Turtle: Protecting sea turtle nests and adults

Bat: Conserving bats, who play a critical role in maintaining natural systems

Forest: Preserving Tompotika’s native forests, so fundamental for all life and health on earth

Alternative Livelihoods: Helping locals develop alternative livelihoods that are more sustainable for nature and humans

Community Benefits: Bringing life-enhancing community benefits to villages that choose conservation

Outreach Programs: Programs to build a human community that understands and treasures its natural heritage

Awareness: School-based conservation awareness campaign

Law Enforcement: Outreach to law enforcement personnel to encourage greater enforcement of existing laws that protect endangered species and vulnerable environments

 Art for ConservationProjects aimed at enjoying and celebrating the nature that we love

People-to-people Trips: In which Tompotikans and visitors work together on conservation projects