AlTo Extended Overview

A more complete overview of AlTo’s conservation work in Tompotika (2015)


AlTo Overview

Shorter overview of AlTo’s conservation work in Tompotika (2015)

Saving the Endangered Maleo Bird – AlTo Director Marcy Summers

AlTo Director Marcy Summers shares stories and AlTo’s approach to maleo conservation in the Vashon Center for the Arts ‘Talk on the Rock’ lecture series April, 21, 2024.

Forests, Nickel, and Critical Choices

This video highlights the mounting threats to nature and local communities from nickel mining activities (2023). To view this video in Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) click here.


AlTo’s Festival brings a celebration of conservation to Tompotika villages every two years (2016)

Libuun, Taima Maleo Nesting Ground

AlTo’s community-protected maleo nesting grounds are thriving. In fact, at our premier maleo conservation site in Libuun, Taima, Tompotika, on 15 December, 2021, a new world record was noted: 118 maleo birds at once, up from 108 birds in November 2018. Maleo numbers like this have not been seen anywhere else on earth for decades.  This is what a healthy, natural maleo nesting ground looks like.

Expedition Tompotika – Tripods in the mud

Tripods in the Mud: 3 photographers, 3 weeks (2012)

2016 Jackoustic Music Competition

Music for conservation composed and performed by Tompotika musicians, in honor of Dr. Jack Barbash

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