AlTo Extended Overview

A more complete overview of AlTo’s conservation work in Tompotika (2015)

AlTo Overview

Shorter overview of AlTo’s conservation work in Tompotika (2015)


AlTo’s Festival brings a celebration of conservation to Tompotika villages every two years (2016)

Libuun, Taima Maleo Nesting Ground

AlTo’s community-protected maleo nesting grounds are thriving. In fact, at our premier maleo conservation site in Libuun, Taima, Tompotika, on 15 December, 2021, a new world record was noted: 118 maleo birds at once, up from 108 birds in November 2018. Maleo numbers like this have not been seen anywhere else on earth for decades.  This is what a healthy, natural maleo nesting ground looks like.

2016 Jackoustic Music Competition

Music for conservation composed and performed by Tompotika musicians, in honor of Dr. Jack Barbash

Expedition Tompotika – Tripods in the mud

Tripods in the Mud: 3 photographers, 3 weeks (2012)

Photo Galleries

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