Marcy Summers, Director, Alliance for Tompotika Conservation

Marcy gets some help feeding an injured maleo. (© Steven Caldwell/AlTo)


Marcy Summers, Director

Marcy Summers is a 4th-generation native of the islands of the Puget Sound, Washington, USA. She has a bachelor’s in Comparative Religion from Harvard University and a master’s in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation from University of Maine.

Marcy has been the recipient of a number of awards for leadership and innovation, including the Switzer Foundation’s Fellowship for Environmental Leadership and the Maine Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence. For 13 years, Marcy worked as a scientist for The Nature Conservancy (TNC) in the United States, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. She left TNC in 2006 to co-found AlTo.

Tompotikan Staff

AlTo’s staff are a terrific group–all very smart, able, and dedicated as individuals, but perhaps more importantly, cohesive and mutually supportive as a team. Noval coordinates all our programs with a keen calmness, and is highly respected by his peers. Asnim “Anim,” with us since the beginning, is the knowledgeable and trusted overseer who can make anything happen. Also with us since the beginning, Agustian “Agus” keeps our field programs humming and our hearts light, getting along with everyone. Ipan looks after our physical facilities, and radiates a warm kindness in everything he does. Extremely smart and able, yet humble, Pandji cheerfully figures out–and carries out–any task assigned. Vivi, one of our newer staff members, brings great skills and a welcome female presence in the field. Sutrisno “Atu” runs our Awareness Campaign with great ideas, energy and passion. Cici, Sandhy, and Isal are our newest permanent staff members, moved up recently from our apprentice program. And finally, we call on Aspin when we need extra help.

Staff, Alliance for Tompotika Conservation, July 2012

© Marcy Summers/AlTo

Left to Right, back:
Sutrisno “Atu” Durant, Education and Outreach Specialist
Pandji Kresno, Conservation Officer and Survey Manager
Vivi Tan Oga, Conservation Officer
Asnim Alyoihana Lanusi, Operations Manager
Noval Suling, Conservation Programs Coordinator
Agustian Laya, Field Programs Manager
Left to right, front:
Aspin Lameri, Conservation Officer (Alternate)
Ipan Djano, Conservation Officer and Maintenance Manager
three conservation officers, Cici, Isal, and Sandhy

© Noval Suling/AlTo

New Conservation Officers, March 2013 (left to right): Adrianus “Sandhy” Bawotong, Moh. Nofrisal “Isal” Dungga, and Ulfa “Cici” Bukasa.
Not pictured:
Andi Faisal Alwi, Law Enforcement Outreach Specialist